Contract and Budget Administration Process

The ResearchOne Contracts Team assists researchers and faculty in negotiating and executing contracts with sponsors at the local, state, federal government agency and private sponsor level by facilitating discussion and negotiation of contractual clausesa affecting intellectual property (IP), confidentiality, publications and any other contractual concerns.

When the budget is approved on both ends of the parties, the Contracts Team processes and handles the contract, budget and subcontracts (if applicable) by submitting the proposal to the Universities Sponsored Program Administrative (SPA) team. The SPA Contract Team will review the completed proposal and send for review to the Office of General Counsel (OGC) within two business days.

During the negotiation process, the research study team will proceed with other required startup activities including Institutional Review Board (IRB) submission and other startup activities required.

For more information about the Contract and Budget Administration Process please contact ResearchOne at (313) 577-0255 or via email: